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        Hello! Welcome to the official website of HeBei BaiTong County plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Ltd.

        7*24 hour hotline400-0317-807

        HeBei BaiTong County plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.To provide customers with comprehensive

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        • 聯系人:Yan manager
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        • 400-0317-807
        Hot products:
        Hot products:

        Hot products

        Professional welding equipment and welding solution provider, strong technology, advanced products

        HeBei BaiTong County plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

        HeBei Baitong plastic products machinery co., LTD is located in the famous Chinese plastic of the township -- Hebei Dongguang county, 104 national road, Beijing-Shanghai railway from the south to north, running through, the transportation is convenient, unique geographical environment.The company covers an area of 10,000 square meters and is a professional manufacturer of plastic bottle blowing machines. The company specializes in design and developme...

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        HeBei BaiTong advantage

        The spirit of unity and struggle, will cause further carry forward, make enterprise always walk in the forefront of the industry.

        Rich experience in industry

        Yu is strong strength of enterprises

        HeBei Baitong plastic products machinery co., LTD. (formerly Shanghai yu welding equipment co., LTD.)Is a professional welding equipment and welding solution provider. In domestic has the high market reputation. Products are widely used in aerospace, machine tools, automobile, chemical industry, construction, oil field, Bridges, metallurgical machinery and other industries,

        Strong technical force

        Efficient production efficiency as well as the solution

        We have a experienced technical team, more than 20 years,Welding equipment production experience and solutions,The starting point to solve the problem from the customer products. Has more than 100 acres of production bases, scientific production management system and efficient logistics system, realizing high efficiency of production and distribution.

        Products with advanced technology

        High standard, high demand, quality guaranteed

        In each product details, pursuit of perfection in each service link,Do your best,One-time delivery rate of 99%, Thus about 97% of the finished product before delivery, jiangsu yu automatic welding technology co., LTD. (formerly Shanghai yu welding equipment co., LTD.) believes that quality decision tomorrow's market!

        All-the-way tracking service

        Perfect after-sales service

        We set out to solve the problem from customer product, engaged in supporting the whole design is not only to sell equipment and production equipment, can also according to customer's different products accordingly reasonable suitable welding equipment, providing customers with comprehensive after-sales service.
        • Considerate serviceConsiderate service
        • The product is completeThe product is complete
        • Quality guaranteeQuality guarantee
        • Factory direct saleFactory direct sale
        • After allAfter all

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        Learn about the latest company dynamics and industry information

        Welcome to my website!

        Welcome to my website! Dongguang Baitong plastic products machinery co., LTD is located in the famous...

        • BT280 direct air blowing bottle blowing machine

          This model is applied to PP, PE raw material plastic products. used for fruit bottle, pesticide bottle, medicion bottles, veterinqary medicine bottle, cosmeticsbottle, oil barrel atc hollow plastic pro...

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